Meeting Summaries

September 2017

The Trolley Patrol Board met on Sunday, September 18, along with our web master Uzo Okafor, to review the status of the organization and plan for recruitment of new members. After a year together, the organization remains stable and is no longer on the backs of only two volunteers. (Continued thanks to Jamie and Eddie!) Invoices with Bannaret are caught up and accuracy has improved.

We are working on the goals for 2018, focusing on growth. Flyers have been developed and will be printed and sent to households which have sold in the last 12 months and are not currently Trolley Patrol members. Uzo continues to finetune the web site and bring ideas for technological advancements. A survey will be done of the membership to determine what messaging options they would like to see from the TP.

The TP has a fund-raising coordinator! Greg will meet with her to get the ball rolling on that endeavor. More funds will mean more patrols. An Operations coordinator would still be a huge asset to the organization.

Next meeting to be in November.

May 2017

The Trolley Patrol Board and Committee Chairs have been meeting on a regular basis to work through various communication, membership, marketing, and finance related initiatives. The May meeting was held on Saturday, May 13, and this summary was written by Trolley Patrol Secretary, Suzy Meier.

Communications Chair Lauren O'Brien presented a draft of the May newsletter, and discussed marketing materials, social media updates and an upcoming neighborhood watch training. Uzo Okafor, who is looking to revamp our Trolley Patrol web site, updated the Board on the progress of upgrading the website and other software tools which might prove useful to us and which possibly can be accessed for free. Brent Huff, Treasurer, advised that the TP is currently looking positive to break even for the current amount of weekly patrols and the number of members. All invoices to Banneret (supplier of our officers) are now current. Greg Swartzberg, President, advised the Board that he is working with Banneret on various operational aspects.

Atlanta City Councilwoman Carla Smith joined the meeting, and gave input on contacts in the various neighborhoods within the Trolley Patrol footprint. This is much appreciated as we want to begin marketing to the areas which have lower numbers of members. She also advised on city resources which may be tapped into for information and coordination.

The next meeting is planned for late June.

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